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McBride Pride

The mission statement of AJ & PA McBride is “to utilise the Company’s capital to optimise returns to shareholders and staff from an economic, environmental, and socially sustainable basis, for the benefit of future generations.”

Key to this mission is ensuring that the company is a good corporate citizen which includes being an employer of choice and an active member of the community. The McBride family has pride in our company and we hope that our community and staff also have pride in our relationships.

Employer of choice

Although the core business of our company is the growing of pastures and the grazing of livestock for the purposes of producing wool and meat, the most important resource of the company is our human resource. The family are proud of our staff and we endeavor to provide conditions and facilities to our staff and their families so that they will also be proud to wear a McBride uniform.

In the modern age, workers are increasingly staying at jobs for shorter periods of time and the makeup of rural communities in general is being influenced by more itinerant travelers such as backpackers and those with fly-in, fly-out arrangements. It is a testament to our workforce that we have staff with more than forty years experience and a low turnover rate.

Some of the ways that we are working to become an employer of choice are:

  • Providing on-farm training to ensure that staff have the skills required to care for our animals and assets.
  • Having a safety culture to ensure that every employee leaves work in as good as condition as when they started.
  • Providing quality housing for families on our properties.
  • Providing tools which are fit for purpose.
  • Supporting the community in which our staff live.

We encourage you to join our staff - refer to our careers section for more details.


With the increased urbanisation of the country, it is important to the company that we encourage potential employees and suppliers to live in regional areas. This means the support of local towns, community events, community service and agricultural education.

The methods in which the company supports this are:

  • By supporting community events such as local sporting clubs and gymkhanas.
  • By supporting agricultural programmes at schools. AJ & PA McBride currently supports Agricultural prizes at Urrbrae Agricultural High School in Adelaide.
  • By supporting the continued education of employee.
  • By supporting the education of employees’ children and potential employees through the support of the Isolated Children’s Parents' Association
  • By sponsoring industry competitions such as speedshear competitions at local shows.
  • Through supporting staff that are part of CFS brigades.
  • Through supporting on the job training such as work experience placements and shearing improver teams.

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