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Station Manager

This is a management position which is responsible for the operations of the property, resourcing and reporting, which includes planning and co-ordination of production and marketing, and directing and overseeing general farming and maintenance activities to achieve optimal performance.

McBride managers have wide ranging autonomy, but collaborate with the Operations Manager, the head office and our trusted advisors, particularly on strategy and operational planning.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage business capital, monitor market activity and plan production
  • Manage the financial aspects of the business by controlling income and expenses and reporting financial activities
  • Identify and plan infrastructure improvements whilst ensuring the maintenance of farm buildings, fences, equipment and systems are achieved
  • Plan the types of grazing operations to be undertaken, estimate operational costs and order supplies
  • Monitor and maintain health and condition of livestock
  • Ensure feed supply, water and protection from weather for livestock is maintained
  • Plan activities to minimise environmental degradation.
  • Recruit, select, train and lead staff and ensure performance is maintained in line with key operational objectives
  • Ensure compliance of WHS legislation

To be successful in this role, you must demonstrate:

  • Extensive farming experience at a similar level (particularly with livestock)
  • Planning and organisational skills to ensure planned farming activities are achieved
  • Proficiency in feed budgeting and pasture management
  • High levels of directing and overseeing grazing operations and staff
  • Motor vehicle license and motorbike license
  • Ability to motivate staff, act as a role model and ensure team effectiveness
  • Ability to demonstrate analytical skills in farm management practices
  • Ability to report to the Board, COO and CFO on operational and financial outcomes
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Ablility to effectively use technology in farm management practices

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Postal Address
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