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Stud Cattle

Genetic improvement is essential for improving the quality and management of beef herds. Good genetics can improve feed/muscle conversion; adjust fat composition and marbling; improve temperament; and alter the fertility and birth weights of calves. In order to achieve the best genetics across the entire McBride herd, the company breeds its bulls in a stud, and these are then transferred to other properties.

Bro Stud Bulls

The benefits of Angus Beef

Angus beef is one of the most recognisable breeds in the world, and is now regularly mentioned in menus from fast food to the high-end restaurants. The Angus reputation is for high quality meet that is tender, with a high intra-muscular marbling, excellent flavours and colours. Angus beef have superb fertility, even in poor seasonal conditions and have a hardy temperament.

The benefits of Shorthorn Beef

Shorthorn beef has a unique high-quality flavour and is very tender, with high marbling traits. Shorthorns perform well across varying climates with good fertility and production even in poor seasons. Shorthorns are also one of the most complimentary breeds in the world for cross breeding.

McBride's Involvement

McBride's Black Angus stud is located at Telopea Downs Station, whilst shorthorn bulls are sourced externally. Two breeds have been chosen to all for 'hybrid vigour' a trait that allows cross bred cattle to improve their feed conversion, allowing more beef to be produced in a shorter time, with a smaller environmental effect.

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