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North Well

173.4 mm
Manager: Toby Crowell
381,400 Hectares

Comprising the Southern and Eastern portions of Wilgena Station, North Well was separated in the 1980s as a separate company enterprise, running a medium micron merino wool flock as well as a small beef herd. The North Well homestead is close to the railway town of Kingoonya.

Nw Aerial 7000 Woolies In The Yards 2011 Ann Rep

Property Location

Kingoonya, 300km North West of Port Augusta, South Australia
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Originally operationally part of Wilgena Station, North Well was separated in the 1980s as a separate company enterprise. The homestead is located near the railway town of Kingoonya on the old Stuart highway. The land is of good quality as evidence of the Jessup transects (vegetation surveys) which have been periodically undertaken, most recently by Carolyn Ireland in the 1990s. North Well has a small cattle herd as well as a Merino flock that produces 500 bales of wool annually.

Although a portion of the property is located within the confines of the Great Artesian Basin, the number of livestock is limited by very low rainfall averages of below 175mm per year and fragile groundwater systems. Wells and bores have been operated for more than a century by iconic mechanical windmills, however these are being replaced by more efficient and lower maintenance solar pumps.

Property Managers

Cec Taylour
Tom Young
Jeff Parkes
Reg Symes
AJ (Albert) McBride
John Taylour
Bill Napier
Tony Pick
Andrew Lillecrapp
Mick Kessell
Mat Kerin

Toby Crowell


Donations & Sponsorships

  • Glendambo Gymkhana

    AJ & PA McBride's North Well, Wilgena and Yudnapinna Stations are pleased to sponsor the Glendambo Races and support the local community.

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