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223.5 mm
Manager: Warren Breeding
84,414 Hectares

Teetulpa is situated at the small Barrier Highway town of Yunta and was purchased by AJ McBride in September of 1905. The property, located in rangelands in the North East pastoral district, contains spectacular vistas. In good years, more than 500 bales of wool are produced on the property, although sheep numbers are currently in a rebuild phase after a prolonged drought and de-stocking program.

Teet Wool Bales

Property Location

Yunta, 93km North East of Peterborough, South Australia
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Teetulpa is situated at the small Barrier Highway town of Yunta and was purchased in September of 1905. It may conjure the image of gold rush days of the mid 1800s, when up to 5,000 people resided at the Teetulpa diggings seeking alluvial gold, although the actual site of the Teetulpa goldfields are on a nearby property.

The picturesque property is watered from several wells and numerous bores and dams. Teetulpa, together with the adjoining pastoral lease Winnininnie, can run around 20,000 sheep and produce around more than 500 bales of Merino wool annually.

Property purchase history

BlockDate Purchased
Property Managers

George Beven
Ian Cunningham
Bobbie Jackson
Arthur Lillecrapp
Vic Breeding
Warren Breeding

Donations & Sponsorships

  • Yunta Picnic Races

    AJ & PA McBride's Teetulpa and Braemar Stations are pleased to sponsor the Yunta Picnic Races and support the local community.

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